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Welcome to Willow Goat milk skincare



Willow house is located in North London, where a team of dedicated and very passionate natural soap makers work very hard to produce our lovely soaps.
We have created five of the most Luxurious and extraordinary hand-crafted natural bar soaps you would ever use.



Why you will  love our soaps

Every bar of Willow Goat milk soap is hand made with the finest natural ingredients, best quality skin loving oils, fresh unpasteurised organic  milk from pasture-fed goats, and are enriched with 100% therapeutic essential oils.

We only use naturally derived colours and exfoliants in our products, and our soaps retain 100% of the conditioning Glycerine which results from the soap making process. 
Goat’s milk is packed full with vitamins. It contains Vitamins A, known for keeping skin healthy and Vitamin E, an effective antioxidant. It also contains Vitamins C & D.

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